Tuesday, May 16, 2017

blog post #6

What is hope? Hope is something that you cherish and will want forever. People will always need hope. Sometimes there's people who depend it on a daily, or there's people who rarely use even though its somewhere in them. Hope is just something that will give people courage to do something that they think they wont do. How is hope restored? People restore so they can keep reusing it over and over again. Hope can be threaten mentally by people trying to keep it away from you like keep putting you down and you stop believing in yourself that you have hope. There will be many people out their in the world that will try and to ruin your whole life with the hope they can to take away your hope. The courage in our body gives us hope to do anything you can dream of. With hope many people say whatever you hope to happen it can happen if you really, really hope it comes true.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blog Post #4 Thinking about Social justice

It is important to value social justice because all lives matter and their shouldn't be any killing against each other it should be a peaceful environment, a nonviolent environment. It should be a safe place for kids to grow up and live and go play with their friends. They should be able to go and run around with out getting shot or hit or kidnapped. Right now our community is its not really safe for children to be gong running outside and playing all evening long. Some issues today that we are dealing with are police brutality, not equal rights, no shelter, no food, and racism. Everyone should have equal rights to do the same that everyone else can. Everyone should have somewhere to sleep even if they are homeless they should have more homeless shelters where they can go and sleep instead of the streets. Police brutality is something I find to be a special concern to me personally because Browns and Blacks are always getting brutally beat because of our colors. Police brutality is something so huge that got the whole wide world on it.

Blog Post #3 Search Your Own TED Talk (What makes you Happy)

What makes you happy? The things that make you happy are the things that make your life joyful. Good memories can make you happy. Beautiful places can make you happy. Really anything can make you happy. Freedom, the ability to chose and change your mind can make you happy. Helping someone else with anything can make you feel good and happy. Doing your favorite activities and hobbies and anything else you like to do will make you happy. Something that gives you a good vibe or if you have a positive attitude you will be happy. But if you have a negative attitude you won't be happy, you have to ficus on the good not the bad. being with the people you cherish the most can make you happy. Just thinking about what you have or things that you can do that others can't do make you happy. There's many people who have very little of anything but hey don't let it bring them down. They just stay focusing on the good side of the situation to stay happy, and it won't other them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog Post #1 Happiness

The thing that makes me happy the most is just waking up in the morning and seeing all of my family waking up another day with me. It makes me happy just to see a smile on my family especially my mother and my little sisters. Happiness is something that comes from your heart. The sun isn't what makes a bright shiny beautiful day its the happiness that makes it a nice day. Happiness is what joy in your day or even maybe your entire life. With out happiness its almost like a dark rainy day. happiness is a fragile thing its easy to lose but really hard to get back. Focusing on the good things even in bad times can help you be happy. Doing your favorite activities and hobbies can make you happy. Happiness is just something that will come to you when the time is right for it to come. Just be positive and not negative and everything will be alright and fine. Don't let anyone make you unhappy because there will be people who try to make you unhappy because they are,'t but just ignore them and go on with your life and you will be happy.